A question I get asked frequently is “Why is your branding based on crabs?” I could simply say that I just like crabs, but that simply wouldn’t be a sufficient explanation as to why my entire design brand is based on a crustacean. Sure, you could assume it’s because of a grumpy demeanor, but that’s not me. To me, a crab exhibits perseverance and rolling with the punches. Like a crab, getting back up is important, so why not bring that attitude to design?

The Red Crab Design logo.

For a logo, the goal was to keep it modern and simple. Including a more organic form of a crab would make the brand feel more like seafood than design. The solution was a hexagon for a body with simplified claws to represent a crab. For my colors, The crimson is complemented by a nice teal, #a4d0ef to be exact. For brand assets like the website and business cards, the teal takes the stage primarily, as it provides a clean background, and draws more attention to the crimson of the logo.

The back of the business card.

You can see the logo put to use in my Animated Youtube Vanity Intro!