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Daniel Howell

A lover of Graphic Design

Hello! My name is Daniel Howell, as it says above, and I am a Graphic Designer. I have experience in the design field from my current internship through Integrated Media Group and have been featured on the NEIT Dean’s list for multiple terms. When it comes to my future career, I plan on working for a small design firm when I graduate from college. After working for a couple of years in a firm, I plan to switch to freelance later on when my portfolio and I have a stronger presence.

On a far less formal note, as a hobby, I enjoy running games of Dungeons & Dragons and have been doing so since 2018. I’ve run many different games with many different players, so none of the games that I’ve run felt the same as each other. I enjoy the aspects of improvisation and writing that it entails, from world-building to interacting with the players. Another game I enjoy, which just so happens to also be owned by Wizards of the Coast is Magic: The Gathering, where I enjoy the multiplayer Commander format as it’s a group-based game. I also wish to travel throughout the USA. I mainly want to visit states like Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming and see natural monuments like Devils Tower, a large spire of rock in Wyoming.

Now, if you’re interested, please

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A headshot of me, taken by Nathan Auger
A picture of Magic: The Gathering from my point of view
Me playing Magic: The Gathering.