For this project, I used Adobe After Effects to make an animated YouTube intro that goes along with the Red Crab Design brand. The only rule is that they had to incorporate our logo and be 10 seconds. Given how my brand revolves around crustaceans, I knew it had to be beached-themed. The first step in the process was to choose the music, as everything needs to be the beat. Using Pond5, I found a nice beach-rock theme and got to work.

The Assets

I wanted to show off some of my work, given how it’s an introduction to my brand. I knew I wanted to have crabs on a beach, but I was stumped on how to incorporate my own projects. Thanks to some classmate critique spawned by one of my pre-existing assets, I decided to use more hexagons and place my work inside them. Geometric crabs would then hold the hexagons up.

The Background itself incorporates the theme of hexagons as well, as it features them with a slight color difference to separate them from the background.

The sandy background.
The crab that inspired the critique.

Using Adobe After Effects

In the end, the whole piece came together as a group of crabs being washed away by a tidal wave, where the brand logo bobs out of the water. The final rendition can be seen below, as well as what my After Effects ended up looking like in the end.

My After Effects timeline and preview.
My final YouTube intro.