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The Red Crab Design mascot Red. A crab styled in the same way as the Red Crab Design logo, with blinking eyes.

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Here at Red Crab Design, we design through a variety of different digital mediums! We focus on using the Adobe Suite, so you know we can use the best programs for the job! From workshopping your brand to designing simple documents and flyers, we design what you need to make your brand stand out.

We strive to keep in contact with you during the entire design process so that you never get something you don’t want!

Graphic Design, Print Design, and More!

A 3D Magazine Cover designed by Red Crab Design that features a castle transitioning from a wireframe to being fully textured. It reads "Fantasy and Technology combined into one. Mirrorscape's Arcana uses AR technology to bring a new perspective to D&D!"

From logos to posters, flyers to banners, Our portfolio includes a variety of mediums, using a plethora of digital tools like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, as well as other programs like Cinema 4D and Canva. It also included video editing and animation through Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Interested in taking a closer look? Check out our portfolio through the button below!


Feel free to email us through our contact page! It’s quick and easy!