The Social Media Project Plan

During our 11th term at NEIT, My cohort and I were asked to make a Social Media campaign for the Ocean State Curling Club. For this campaign, each designer was tasked with creating a week’s worth of content, along with a post schedule specifying on which social media platform each post should be uploaded to, as well as the target audience and when to post. For each post, we created a description, and hashtags to accompany it.

Our Non-Profit Client

The Ocean State Curling Club, or OSCC for short, is the only curling club in Rhode Island. They frequently meet from fall to spring to play games amongst the club, however, they also have events like the Learn to Curl, which allows people interested in the sport of curling to try it without any commitment to a long-term season.

When it came to the type of content that the OSCC wanted, they generally wanted content that would engage the audience, especially during their off-seasons, like summer. When it came to posts about their Learn to Curls, they needed to attract volunteers from within their own club to run it.

Planning the Week

For the social media post schedule, I wanted to target when the target audience would be most available to view the post. For this social media campaign, the OSCC’s target audience were people ages 19-59 years old who are already interested in curling, so to get around things like work, most of the posts are scheduled to be released either during lunch, or early morning. The 10 am posting time on Saturday is the only one that doesn’t fall into the range, as most of the target audience will have Saturdays off from work.

The Social Media Posts

Learn to Curl

Monday: The first post focuses on the Learn to Curl event. It’s goal is to get club members to volunteer to help run the OSCC Learn to Curls.

The description would read “Calling all #Curlers, this Thursday we need help running our #Learn2Curl. If you’re interested in helping out the #OSCC, email us at”

An instagram social media post that reads "Help Wanted! Club Members, We need volunteers to help run our Learn-To-Curls! Interested? Email us at" The post also includes a graphic of a curling stone sliding across the ice.
OSCC Member Quote

Thursday: For the second post, I decided on a series of OSCC Quotes, from members of the OSCC. Ideally, each quote would be taken from the previous week’s club meeting. For this example though, I chose “Good Curling” as a start to the series.

The Description for this post would read “Good #Curling indeed! Typically said after a game, this saying is part of what makes the #OSCC curling community so friendly!”

Curling Fact Friday

Friday: For the third post, I had an idea for a fun fact Friday, which would be posted on the OSCC instagram story. Similar to the quote, this would be a weekly post, though it would be more entertaining than insightful.

Because it’s an instagram story, it does not have a description.

Game Highlight Story

Saturday: For the final post, I chose a highlight from the most recent club meeting. This would require someone to record games throughout the night, but it would let those interested in the club know how games go.

Because it’s an Instagram story, it does not have a description.

Lastly, I was tasked with creating a Facebook header that would be active during my week of content, seen above. For the header, I wanted to keep it simple, so It’s mainly the OSCC logo with colored stripes. Additionally, I curated a list of hashtags to accompany each post. Those hashtags are:

#OSCC #RI #Curling #Broomstacking #GoodCurling #NewEngland #Learn2Curl #CurlingCommunity #Sweeping #Bonspiel

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