Designed for kids

The goal of the Recyclobots Project was to design branding and a poster with children as our target audience. This was the first time we designed for kids, so it was refreshing. The brand we were designing for was a fictional monthly package subscription, where kids would receive recycled objects and instructions to create a toy with them.

It started with physically building our recyclobots: A robot made from trash and recycled parts, with the incentive to push a green message.

The first part of creating the robot itself was to sketch it out, so I made myself a couple of quick sketches of possible ideas.

With these sketches made, I now had a rough idea of what I was going to make. I decided to choose my third option, as I believed the shape of the robot would be interesting and would draw kids’ attention

A prototype image of my Recyclobot

I ended up with Crab Bot, which was made with Popsicle sticks, duct tape, and a plastic food container, as well as googly eyes, clothes pins, and a hat. It was a quick build, so I believe that kids would be able to build it easily.

Creating the Recyclobots Brand

After creating our recyclobots, we started forming the branding for this fictional company. There were a variety of logos created for this project. Some focused more on Robots, others more on recycling, and some had a good mix of both.

Much like my process for the Robot itself, I began by sketching out possible logos.


As you can see, I didn’t end up choosing any of these designs and came up with a completely new one.

My design comes from the idea to have a water bottle, one of the most recycled products, to represent recycling, while using sharp polygonal letters, as well as nuts and screws to form the word “Bots” It’s colorful and has a child-like feel to it, with a slight tilt to the text, as well as the letters for “Recyclo” being cut out of the bottle design, instead of using individual shapes to form the word.

Designing a Poster

The last part of this assignment was to create a poster. The poster was to show off a high-quality image of the robot and present interesting facts on one side, and instruct kids on how to create the robot for the other. I created this piece in Adobe Illustrator, and made use of many custom graphics. The front also includes photography taken by me.

As you can see, I incorporated rainbows into my design, to match my robots hat. I also used many simple crab graphics.